Episode 19: How is your huddle’s health?

October 23, 2017

How can you play a role in the health of each of your team members?  How can you turn your huddles in to a time that underscores how important the health is for everyone?  

That is what we are going to explore in this week's series entitled: Huddle Health

Episode 19 discusses why a healthy huddle is so important as we delve into the science of human factors.  

Make a difference in the life of your office!

Be Healthy and Practice Safely!


Episode 18: The Blessed Union: How postural awareness and ergonomics are the perfect couple in dentistry.

October 20, 2017

Postural awareness and ergonomics are eternally linked.  One without the other is simply not complete.  In this episode we conclude our week of postural awareness and discuss the role ergonomic equipment has in dentistry.  

Alison Heller-Ono from Worksite International Inc joins us for one last session as we continue to help dental professionals learn how to improve the health of their practice.

Miss an episode?  Don't worry, you can go to www.healthydentistrysolutions.com/podcast to listen to all of the episodes this week.  You will find them neatly organized in the "Posture" tab.

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Be Healthy and Practice Safely!


Episode 17: Where is your head?

October 18, 2017

Do you know where your head is?  This is a legimate questions for dental professionals.  Many times you don't!  Not knowing where your head is or how to practice with your head in the correct position can lead to a lot of muscloskeletal problems in dentistry.  

Joined again by Alison Heller-Ono of Worksite International, we explore how to rediscover you position.

Also, you will learn about a FREE email program created by Healthy Solutions for Dental Professionals to walk you through improved postural awarenss. Go to www.healthydentistrysolutions.com to sign up and get started on your path to a healthy practice!

Don't forget your assignment from Episode 16!  Are you still paying attention to how you are moving and positioned throughout the day?  


Be Healthy and Practice Safely!


Episode 16: Fundamentals, Fundamentals, Fundamentals! Before ergonomics.

October 16, 2017

In this, the first official 7 Minute Solutions episode, we take a look at what comes before ergonomics if you want to make a healthy and sustainable change in your dental practice. 

You'll hear from professional ergonomist, Alision Heller-Ono, as she gets to the heart of the problem.  You can find her website at Worksite International Inc..

If you have any questions, please visit www.healthydentistrysolutions.com.


Be Healthy and Practice Safely!


Let’s do this!

September 21, 2017

This episode is a bridge to the very new and very exciting change in podcast format!  From now on, the Healthy Solutions for Dental Professionals podcast will be different than anything you've heard before!  I am super excited about the changes and hope you will be too.  Welcome back!


Yoga, Dentistry and Healthy Practice with Dr. Ana Dougherty

June 5, 2017

Yoga seems as though it would be the perfect compainion for dental professionals.  It certianly is for Dr. Ana Dougherty.  She has been practicing yoga for as long as she has been practicing dentistry and credits it for saving her from the fate of many of her colleagues. 

In this episode, Dr. Dougherty shares her story as well as what she is doing to help dental professionals learn to create healthy practices, including launching a fantastic YouTube series.

Links in this episode:

The YogaDentist on YouTube

The YogaDentist on Facebook

Healthy Solutions for Dental Professionals


Be Healthy and Practice Safely!


Ergonomics of Dental Office Design with Dr. Jeff Carter

May 25, 2017

Dr. Jeff Carter knows a thing or two about designing great dental spaces, after all, he used to practice!  In this episode he joins me to discuss how office space and equipment design influence ergonomics.


The Inevitability of Neck and Back Pain in Dentistry

Practice Design Group

See Dr. Carter's Prop Demonstration!

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Be Healthy and Practice Safely!


Using Microscopes in Every Day Dentistry with Dr. Charles Payet

May 11, 2017

Ever considered what it would be like to work with a microscope?  Think that microscopes are only useful for specialists?  Dr. Payet doesn't!  This self proclaimed dental tech geek discovered that using microscopes didn't just improve his work as a genral dentist, but also his physical health.  

This week on Healthy Solutions for Dental Professionals, I interview Dr. Charles Payet about what it is like to work in a general practice with microscopes.  We discuss the benefits and barriers as well as helpful tips to get you started.  

I also am excited to announce my first live webinar, Creating Your Healthy Practice: Pain, Posture and Ergonomics, which is FREE and now open for registration at the Healthy Solutions website.

Any questions about today's episode?  Contact Dr. Payet:

Google Plus: SmilesbyPayet

Website: Smiles by Payet

Twitter: @smilesbypayet


Be Healthy and Practice Safely!





Dental Loupes Exposed: Everything you need to know about loupes with James Farleo of Eclipse Loupes and Products

May 4, 2017

Loupes are essential to creating a healthy and safe dental practice.  But how do you know that you are selecting the right ones for you?  There are literally hundreds of options when it comes to purchasing loupes for your dental practice.  If you don't choose well, you may be increasing your pain!

James Farleo from Eclipse Loupes and Products shares his expertise so that you can become an informed consumer.  His insight into the loupe industry will help you avoid common mistakes made by dental professionals when purchasing loupes.  

This is a MUST listen to podcast!  Save it, and never ever buy loupes again without listening to this episode in it's entirety!


Websites Referenced in this Podcast: 

Eclipse Loupes and Products

Healthy Solutions for Dental Professionals


Additional Resources:

Click here to watch a short video on how to measure your own working distance.


Four Handed Dentistry: The Team Approach to Treatment with Dr. Martyn Amsel Part 2

April 27, 2017

Picking up from right where we left off, Dr. Amsel and I continue the discussion of how four handed dentistry can reduce painful dental practice, create a healthy environment for your entire staff, and just make work much more enjoyable.

You can find Dr. Amsel at: www.dynamicdentistry.co.uk

And, of course, don't forget to stop by Healthy Solutions for Dental Professionals: www.healthydentistrysolutions.com

Next week......LOUPES!


Be Healthy and Practice Safely!