Not just for sitting: How ergonomics saves dental practices with Dr. Nataniel Agour

March 29, 2017

Dr. Agour, an Isreali pediatric and aesthetic dentist, was suffering from constant pain.  His work was beginning to take a toll on his body.  Along with some colleagues, he was determined to find a solution that worked.  

He found that ergonomics was not just a trend.  Nor was it only a method to create better posture while practicing.  Instead, it was a broad range of ideas and concepts that saved his dental practice and helped him regain control of his life.  

Now, Dr. Agour and his colleagues are educating other dental professionals throughout the world about the benefits of applying ergonomic strategies to daily work. DentalErgo's mission is to "help each dental professional work correctly by reducing pain, eliminating stress, and improving communication among staff."

Join Dr. Agour and me as we discuss his path to healthy practice and his new mission to help others.

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