Healing After 30 Years of Dentistry: Dr. Aniko Ball and the Alexander Technique

March 20, 2017

Dr. Aniko Ball was no longer able to tie her own shoes, much less perform highly skilled dentistry.  After 3 decades of practicing dentistry in pain, Dr. Ball was desperate.  Little did she know a trip to a bookstore would give her back the hope she had lost.  

Dr. Ball is now offering that same hope to dental professionals throughout the world with her unique and dental specific application of the Alexander Technique. In this podcast she shares her story and her passion. Learn a few techniques you can use in your practice today!

The following websites are referenced:

www.optimumdentalposture.com: Dr. Ball's website

www.asat.com: American Society for the Alexander Technique

www.healthydentistrysolutions.com: Healthy Solutions for Dental Professionals




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